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Posted on September 6th, 2012

In this blog, we will try to give back to the community with hints and tips for web designers and WordPress users. We will cover everything from jQuery, php, HTML & CSS to WordPress theme development & creation, along with some SEO. Blogs have been invaluable to us over the past year or so covering all sorts of diverse subjects, from web design to SEO and back again and it seems right to try to give something back.



Turn off Facebook Is Live Notifications

Posted on October 15th, 2016

Facebook has a habit of being a social media platform that forces you to opt in to any new features that are rolled out – this often may not be too intrusive, but the latest is anything but… Find out how to easily stop those annoying Facebook ‘is live’ notifications.

facebook turn off is live video notifications

So-and-so is now live, or is live (showing simply as ‘was live’ on your feed once you’ve managed to stop notifications!) is probably the most annoying thing Facebook has introduced so far, allowing your friends to post live video feeds recorded on their phones direct to your Facebook timeline – and worse, the default setting is for your smart phone/iPhone, iPad/tablet is to ping a notification that such and such is now live.

Before people cottoned onto this new Facebook feature, it was just the occasional notification, but as more and more people discovered the live video option, my phone started to ping at weekends virtually non-stop in the evenings if a few local gigs were on – annoying? Yup, just a bit…

So Exactly How Do You Turn off Is Live Facebook Video Notifications Then?
Ok, enough background – here’s how you stop it. Two choices. The first simple one is to turn off the individual live notification per person as it arrives on your phone (though this doesn’t seem possible on iPad – not sure about other tablets – it is an option on Android).

That’s not the best solution though, here’s how to stop it completely:

turn off is live facebook notifications

From the desktop version of Facebook (you have more options here compared to your tablet or phone version) click the little drop down arrow top right and select ‘settings’.

how to turn off is live facebook notifications

Now select ‘notifications’ from the the left menu.

Once on ‘Notification Settings’, you will see several options, click ‘On Facebook’ (anywhere on that line) and you will see the following.

how to turn off is live notifications on facebook

Note the ‘Live Videos’ notification settings, you will see that this is defaulted to ‘On’. Now simply toggle the option to ‘All Off’.

That’s it! You are now free from badly recorded, blurry shaky video with distorting sound that should probably have remained a mere passing thought in the user’s head!

Create Swirls & Whirls in Photoshop

Posted on September 15th, 2015

We’ve just created an A5 flyer/leaflet for celebrity magician, Michael Gee; one of the key elements of this design is the ‘magical’ light energy whirls and swirls around Michael’s image. We wanted this to flow naturally and look like it had some motion in it. After all, it’s not a naturally occurring thing, so making it look authentic was paramount. Here’s how we did it.

create swirls whirls photoshop


Add Direct Link to Google Plus Review Page for Business

Posted on April 29th, 2015

These days you may have noticed that just being on page one Google (SERP) might not be enough, as, depending on your business type, Google now pushes local searches and map results. You might find that your company details are pushed even further down the page by the links to other companies that are ranked higher in local business map search results.

direct link to google plus review page

Fixed CSS Background Image on iPad Not Working?

Posted on April 28th, 2015

If you’ve been relaxing, thinking your pretty solid CSS code for adding a fixed (or not fixed) background image to your website pages was foolproof, then it’s time to think again. The mobile smartphone revolution is one thing, but tablets and iPads just might be an additional issue…

Ok, I admit it – I got lazy and didn’t check one site with a fixed background image on my iPad; after all, it’s Internet Explorer that causes us designers all the problems right? Not necessarily so these days. But there is a fix for the CSS code for your fixed background image not working.

css fixed background image ipad

Responsive Web Design: Equally Spaced Horizontal Menu

Posted on November 28th, 2014

A menu is one of the first and most basic things your site needs. Styling a menu to fit a static web page that is say, 960px wide is one thing, but how do you create a horizontal menu that stretches across the width of the site in a responsive design?

We’ve already showed you how to create equally spaced divs in a responsive web design, so it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with that first.

equally spaced horizontal menu with css


Check For Stolen Website Content

Posted on November 10th, 2014

Plagiarism is rife – and most people think they can get away with it, but technology allows you to check who’s stealing your fine, eloquently written website text. This is important; it’s not just the cheek of someone stealing your work, it can actively effect your SERP ranking in search engines – Google doesn’t like copied content and just may let you know by punishing your site.

All sounds a bit extreme of course and yes there is tons of duplicated content out there, but we all want to control our written content and where it goes – and we can..

stealing web content


Best Spooky Halloween Websites

Posted on October 29th, 2014

Personally, I love Halloween. I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of sinister fairy tales and the quirky designs of classic old horror films, so this year I’ve been on a mission to search for the most entertaining, spooky, creepy and ghostly Halloween themed websites – keep reading, if you dare…!

halloween websites