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Add Direct Link to Google Plus Review Page for Business

These days you may have noticed that just being on page one Google (SERP) might not be enough, as, depending on your business type, Google now pushes local searches and map results. You might find that your company details are pushed even further down the page by the links to other companies that are ranked higher in local business map search results.

direct link to google plus review page

While faking your reviews is not recommended (come, on, you’ve got this far, so don’t risk being penalised now!) there are various methods for gently persuading people to leave Google Plus reviews for your business. This should help you climb the ladder. Here’s one gentle solution that I have to credit a chap called Mike Blumenthal for.

What you do is simply take your unique Google Plus business page’s URL and add the following to the end of the URL string:


It’s really that simple. So for Fizz, the link is this: https://plus.google.com/+FizzWebDesignWrittle/?review=1 (opens in a new page). Go ahead and try it – and leave a review if you’ve found this helpful!

NB: You may notice that Google redirects your basic local business page URL to your posts (‘/posts’ being added to the end of the URL) – adding the desired code to generate the review prompt/popup to the end of the URL including ‘/posts’ directly before it will work also. Either adding or not adding a trailing slash before the question mark also works.

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