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Best Spooky Halloween Websites

Personally, I love Halloween. I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of sinister fairy tales and the quirky designs of classic old horror films, so this year I’ve been on a mission to search for the most entertaining, spooky, creepy and ghostly Halloween themed websites – keep reading, if you dare…!

halloween websites

Whereas your average modern business website must emphasise its corporate image and show itself as sensible through it’s use of colours like blues, light greys and greens to help the user feel relaxed and secure, Halloween and ghostly websites can effectively do the opposite – and leaving their users unsettled and disturbed, either by design or by content, is no bad thing; if you ever get that feeling from a site like Amazon then you won’t be giving them your card details.

We’ve already looked at the creativity that can be achieved when you go off the beaten track a little using dark colour themes for your website, but this is a step further. One thing all these sites have in common though, is the imagination that has gone into their aesthetic design and spooky atmosphere.

Creepy Pasta

creepy pasta website

‘Creepy pasta’ is defined as a set of stories on the internet designed to scare the reader. This site pulls many of them together in one place. The theme seemed to be on a bit of a menu-melt-down when I last visited, so let’s hope they get that sorted out. You have to put your date of birth in to a form to access some of the pages on the site as – allegedly – they contain stories that are just too scary… Nice dynamic logo too.

Creepy Pasta

Pumpkin Gutter

pumpkin gutter website

Pumpkin Gutter wins me over instantly by using a favourite colour combination of mine – orange and black. You might recall that our own Fizz website used to be heavily orange and black based, you can see the old design on our piece on the best dark websites (linked above). Pumpkin Gutter is the website of pumpkin carving artist, Scott Cummins. His magnificent carving talents are displayed throughout this site. There are also tutorials and hints and tips on carving your own pumpkin masterpiece.

Pumpkin Gutter

Zombie Pumpkins

zombie pumpkins website

Zombie Pumpkins adds another staple colour of the Halloween genre to the black and orange fold – purple. It works well and reminds me of a childhood game I used to have called Haunted House.

Zombie Pumpkins offers a myriad of carving patterns, galleries, advice, downloads and competitions. If you take your pumpkin carving seriously, then you need this site. Oh and one final thing, make sure you hover your mouse over the evil pumpkin above the menu on the left before you leave the site..

Zombie Pumpkins

Halloween Instructables

halloween instructables

Halloween is a dedicated section in the website, instructables.com. It’s like your own personal Blue Peter special dedicated to inspiring you and your kids with spooky costumes and props – and even Halloween inspired food recipes as well. It’s a bright, colourful and fun website with the emphasis on getting you to make stuff – never any need to feel uninspired when October 31st comes round again.

Halloween Instructables

The Slender Man

the slender man fansite

The legend of the Slender Man is something new to me. A seemingly recent creation, along the lines of a paranormal Child Catcher crossed with Tooms from X-Files conceived by a user on the Something Awful Forum. You can read more about this under ‘Legend’ on this fan-site and at the wiki here. The fan-site offers a Slender Man game, which we have yet to pluck up the courage to try (or are we too busy working, maybe..!?)

You can also explore the Slender Man further  on Creepy Pasta. Surely there’s a movie in the making here..

Slender Man Game

Wychwood Brewery

wychwood hobgoblin website

And so to the best of the bunch, there is really no competition out there that can come close to the Wychwood Brewery site. A website that is as interactive as it is functional with competitions, screen-savers, some history, a shop – and beers of course.

I asked Wychwood how they went about creating such a wonderful site and they told me:

“..the process was quite a simple one, how would the Hobgoblin have a website!? It certainly wouldn’t be super modern and shiny, so we made one out of string, cogs and a bit of magic instead.. The website really needed to be a story rather than just an information centre and above all it need just a bit mischief on top!”

So there you go, forget all about Dreamweaver, Coda, PHP and Javascript – all you need is some string and a dash of magic…

Wychwood Brewery

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  1. Stephen says:

    Very neat. Lots of awesome Halloween creativity!

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