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PHP Contact Form with HTML & Simple CAPTCHA Free Download

Posted on September 25th, 2014

Finding a simple PHP contact form with a working, equally simple CAPTCHA that you can style to match your website design isn’t as easy as you might think. So I decided to offer my own solution as a free download. This contact form will allow the user to send the inputted details to a specified email address – this address can be an email address linked to your website or a stand-alone email like Gmail – it works with either.

Once installed, the webmaster has the included ability to make certain fields mandatory with a warning message to the user to go back and try again if they fail to fill our all the required fields. While the CAPTCHA is as simple as it could be and has effectively eliminated spam from bots filling out my forms 100%. Yes, that’s right – a 100% success rate. That’s because Fizz Web Design is a small company and isn’t under the same sort of scrutiny as larger companies like Tesco or Amazon.

simple form with captcha free download


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