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The Right Way to Do Social Media Marketing for Your Business

There is a myriad of ways and means of promoting yourself, your business or your music on social media sites these days, but so many seem to get it wrong. So is there a right way of doing it?

At Fizz Web Design we spend a lot of time updating our various social media sites, and because it is so time consuming, it pays to get it right.

the right way to do social media marketing

We all know the feeling of being pestered to ‘like’ something on Facebook, and quite often we will do it just to avoid the hassle. Most likely we will then ‘unlike’ that page shortly after as our timelines get clogged up with a barrage of updates and self-promoting advertisements.

But surely this is exactly what the idea of marketing on Facebook is all about? You want to be selling (if that’s your main requirement) after all.

Once someone has unsubscribed, they have been lost. You can’t simply stick them back on your email list a month later and try to get it right next time. It’s unethical and will simply make your brand an annoyance – and besides, it’s illegal.

Pushing Your Product

Directly promoting your product can have a surprisingly negative effect on your audience you might be surprised to learn. Your social media subscriber has a limited attention and tolerance span these days; push too hard and the result is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

This isn’t just hearsay, this is a cold hard fact. Have a think, I’m sure you can think of at least one incident where you either unliked a Facebook page or unsubscribed from an email mailing list because you were fed up with constant in-your-face updates or emails? You can bet there are probably hundreds of others who felt like you did and took the same actions too – and if you’re not subscribed, then the marketing is not working. It’s as simple as that.

Better Ways

Evans Cycles has it’s own Facebook page, they’re a big company and they get it pretty much spot on with a stream that includes links to interesting cycle related news items, competitions, images and a regular 30 minute question and answer section with an experienced member of staff.

Maybe you’re already getting a light bulb appearing above your head, if not read on.

Solopress (solopress.com) recently sent out one of their regular emails that addressed the idea of how to market your coffee shop (as an example). A couple of the things the article suggested that caught my eye were free vouchers and loyalty cards, with the overall emphasis on being creative and offering your subscribers something they will want and can use. Being creative means you are being more interesting, if you are more interesting then people will want to read your posts and emails and hopefully share and interact.

Of course the email from SoloPress was practising what it was preaching. Rather than advertising its printing packages, it was advising it’s client base – businesses – on how to market a business. And that’s of worth and interest to the kind of people that subscribe.

Don’t Be Blinkered

Don’t just talk about yourself all the time, no-one likes a bore and you wouldn’t want to sit in the pub with someone that only talked about what they were up to at work all the time.

Let’s face it, next time that person asked you to go to the pub, you might be tempted to be ‘too busy’ if it was happening each time – you would effectively be unsubscribing from their pub invites!

It’s not called Social Media for nothing, so be sociable, scour the news feeds of relevant websites for up-to-date news items you might be able to share and comment on, add pictures that might invoke the imagination of your subscribers. Funny images are always good and can lighten the moment. They also tend to get your posts shared more.

But do remember your type of audience, constantly posting about IT related technology is going to be of little interest to your beauty and self-tan group. Get the balance right and put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Checking your Facebook or Twitter stream can be a harsh eye-opener sometimes. Ask yourself honestly, would you stay subscribed?

When & How Often to Post

It’s not all about what you post, oh no, it’s not that simple. When and how often is just as crucial. What is too many or too often can vary. For example, a Tour de France email marketing campaign that you have subscribed to can be forgiven for sending a daily news email while the tour is on, but you might start getting fed up with a daily email throughout the rest of the year.

Some Days Are Better Than Others

A short while back, Business Zone (businesszone.co.uk) posted a crucial bit of research that tells us exactly when is the best day to post an update on Facebook dependant on subject matter.

This research was based on the analysis of 1,800 respected companies on Facebook. While it may be a surprise to many that the day you post about your new car range can have a direct effect on the recipients it does make perfect sense.

For example, entertainment news and information posted at the weekend is going to reach far more people than if posted on a Monday. People are at home, away from work and looking to escape and relax and are more likely to interact with those posts.

You can see the entire infographic here – it makes for interesting viewing.

So all in all, think about what you are doing, how you are doing it and when you are doing it. Marketing on social media is most definitely not about talking about yourself or your product all the time.

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