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Set up a gmail email signature that works well when replying

If, like me your responses from your various online web contact forms are forwarded to your gmail account for convenience, you may also have set up a gmail account for business as well.

Here’s a simple guide to setting up an email signature for your gmail account that works nicely for sending emails – as well as being in the right place when replying to emails. I’ll also show you how to remove the little line that gmail automatically adds before the signature too.

gmail signature


Setting up a Gmail signature – the basics

gmail settings gear icon

First, log into the gmail account that you want to set up the signature for, then click on the little gear icon at the top right of the screen.

From the drop-down that appears, click ‘settings’ and scroll down to ‘signature’.

From here you can add a link to your website and add an image.


Add your details

Simply type what you want people to see, to make a word or words link to your website, click on the chain link icon in the menu. Make sure you put a full http URL link in the web address section. The ‘Text to display’ part is what your recipients will see as the link.

Once you’re done, click ok.


Add an image

If you have a logo, you can also add this too for that more professional look. To do this you will need to resize and host your image – if you have a website, this is a simple process of uploading your image to your images folder (if you have your website files set up in a neat way!) – so the link will look something like this:


Now click on the square icon that looks like a mountain range and enter the URL, then click ok.


Removing the line that gmail adds above your signature and adding your signature to email replies

Google adds a small line before all signatures as a matter of default, but you may want to remove this. You may also want to add your signature before the quoted text in a reply so that your reply looks seamless and professional.

Fortunately this is a simple task to achieve using what gmail calls ‘labs’ which are basically apps to most people.

gmail signature tweaks

Find ‘Labs’ in the menu across the top and click on it, then in the ‘Search for a lab’ field type: ‘signature tweaks’.

The app will automatically come up and all you need to do is tick the enable box. It’s that simple.

Now your email signature will look the same and be in the same place on the page whether you are sending an email or replying to an email plus that annoying little line above the signature that you though that you had no control over will be removed.

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