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Turn off Facebook Is Live Notifications

Facebook has a habit of being a social media platform that forces you to opt in to any new features that are rolled out – this often may not be too intrusive, but the latest is anything but… Find out how to easily stop those annoying Facebook ‘is live’ notifications.

facebook turn off is live video notifications

So-and-so is now live, or is live (showing simply as ‘was live’ on your feed once you’ve managed to stop notifications!) is probably the most annoying thing Facebook has introduced so far, allowing your friends to post live video feeds recorded on their phones direct to your Facebook timeline – and worse, the default setting is for your smart phone/iPhone, iPad/tablet is to ping a notification that such and such is now live.

Before people cottoned onto this new Facebook feature, it was just the occasional notification, but as more and more people discovered the live video option, my phone started to ping at weekends virtually non-stop in the evenings if a few local gigs were on – annoying? Yup, just a bit…

So Exactly How Do You Turn off Is Live Facebook Video Notifications Then?
Ok, enough background – here’s how you stop it. Two choices. The first simple one is to turn off the individual live notification per person as it arrives on your phone (though this doesn’t seem possible on iPad – not sure about other tablets – it is an option on Android).

That’s not the best solution though, here’s how to stop it completely:

turn off is live facebook notifications

From the desktop version of Facebook (you have more options here compared to your tablet or phone version) click the little drop down arrow top right and select ‘settings’.

how to turn off is live facebook notifications

Now select ‘notifications’ from the the left menu.

Once on ‘Notification Settings’, you will see several options, click ‘On Facebook’ (anywhere on that line) and you will see the following.

how to turn off is live notifications on facebook

Note the ‘Live Videos’ notification settings, you will see that this is defaulted to ‘On’. Now simply toggle the option to ‘All Off’.

That’s it! You are now free from badly recorded, blurry shaky video with distorting sound that should probably have remained a mere passing thought in the user’s head!

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